Sam Florian ‘Fender Mustang’ : Something to think about, eh?

Sam Florian

Blending lo-fi indie with mid-tempo electronic bedroom pop, Sam Florian creates and records his music in a small apartment in Karlstad, Sweden. His debut album “Youth” was received with honors and one of his singles was released by Kitsuné Maison.

From Sam you get that which you’d never thought. No matter what, it’s a ‘best of times, worst of times’ scenario when in that limbo. And with oozing synth and accents, perpetrating scenic revelries, Sam casts a beautiful mahogany of colors. Let’s not waste this.

The unadulterated and unassuming vibe of Sam’s work, delivers with oomph and punch to the gut of your sensibilities for life.

Something to think about, eh?

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Wall of text incoming! (sorry) ✨ In these dark times, artists, venues, booking agencies and cultural workers all over the world are struggling to get by economically. I can’t book any live shows for a good while and I can’t even get shifts at my second job as a bartender because of the Corona outbreak. Artists need all the support we can get, now more than ever. Now is the time to stream music from your favorite bands and artists, buy their merch (if you can afford it) and support the digital music industry in any way you can. Every stream and sale makes a difference. I will continue to release music throughout the year but since I can’t tour right now, I’ve decided to mix and produce a lot more music. So if any artist or band need help with mixing/producing just hit me up! I’ve also decided to lower the price on my merch. The new prices are 10$ for a Tote Bag, 15$ for a T-shirt. DM for more info. Thank you for still listening to my music and continue to support your favorite artists ❤️ and stay safe! Much love #bedroompop

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