Sam Himself ‘Cry’ : Condense into a droplet of music that we all can appreciate and divinely love.

Sam Himself

Thought provoking in all the ways you can count, Sam Himself, is one of those artists that deliver in not genre specific expectations, but from the story telling dynamic. In the best traditions of Cohen, The Smiths, Bruce Springsteen, and others, Sam’s delectable touch and understanding of his subject matter, glistens with razor accuracy.

The stories tell of one, but hits nodules of recognition for so many facets of living.

Said Sam: “I was driving across Switzerland before dawn to shoot the final takes of the video for ‘Like a Friend’; I’d been up for a long time, the tour had just been canceled and, according to the news, I wouldn’t be able to fly back to New York anytime soon. Then my phone rang and at the end of that call, the relationship I was in had ended, too. In a matter of hours, my life as I’d known it was over. For all the dread and confusion of that moment, I also felt ridiculous for licking my own wounds while the world around me looked like it was ending.”

Radical in his understated ways, his hymns of passion and personal existentialism, condense into a droplet of music that we all can appreciate and divinely love.

That’s ‘Cry’. That’s Sam Himself.

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