Sam Himself ‘Like A Friend’ : Crests like the bright moon above a crisp night of comfort and bonding.

Sam Himself

Swiss Brooklyn-based alt-indie artist Sam Himself releases his new EP Slow Drugs together with focus track “Like a Friend.”

“‘Like a Friend’ is about coming to terms with an ending and admitting to yourself that an era of your history is over, that you’ve exhausted some defining idea of who you are – or thought you were. If you’re truly trying to accept that and move on, you need a brief truce between the various warring factions inside you. Part of the song is an internal plea to be on your own side and cooperate with yourself in letting go.”

Sam’s new EP ‘Slow Drugs’ represents a stylistic departure from his earlier, more band-driven recordings.

Touring and performing solo have inspired tunes that function equally well with a full band onstage or when Sam’s all by himself. In the studio, the five-track EP reunited Josh Werner (bass – Iggy Pop; Bill Laswell) and Parker Kindred (drums – Jeff Buckley; ANOHNI) under the direction of mixer and producer Daniel Schlett (DIIV, The War on Drugs, Amen Dunes), Sam’s longtime creative collaborator, first listener and Second Beatle.

‘Like a Friend’ crests like the bright moon above a crisp night of comfort and bonding. The warmth of Sam Himself’s vocals, tragically love and into the beyond.


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