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Sam Lynch // JW Francis // Vikki Gilmore // Dirty Rugs // Ole Anders Walseth

Sam Lynch – Darkest Places

The gift of giving starts with an honest love that you give to the action of finding that perfect ‘gift’. It’s about the love. And in the darkest places of self loathing and confusion, there lies a place of comforting mattress where the linens are crisp and fresh and of the home that you’d always wanted. A run through the hallowed grounds of your sanctuary, is a requisite to the palalce of kindom that our holding hands can only promise. Will you be there with the notion of us? Based in Vancouver, Lynch has been evolving and expanding her relationship with music for quite some time. Beautiful vocals of Sam’s cuts right through, touches your heart, makes you feel pretty special. It’s delicious and we couldn’t get enough of this version.” The Vancouver based artist has been evolving and pressing herself to produce great songs for the world. In the upcoming new LP, he lush new songs, mixed by Robbie Lackritz (Feist / Bahamas), are an ode to self-discovery and to the subtle-yet-profound moments of life. Along with Woywitka (Chin Injeti /Echlo), Lynch was joined by Isaac Symonds and Dylan Phillips of Half Moon Run, Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson), and Volodia Schneider (Aliocha) for instrumentation and arrangements, as well as Leif Vollebekk for key piano parts on a few songs. Look for it.

JW Francis – Lofi

Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, raised in Paris, France, and now based in New York City, JW Francis brings a warm, affable vibe to frigid New York. The 25 year old songwriter “makes music for people, to people, whether crooning about his love for his best friend (“Joe Fusco”) or telling jokes between songs at one of his live shows.” JW loves life. Well, at least that’s what we take out of his music. How can you be so cynically positive about life’s lyrics, without really being such a case? The perfectness of his bedroom-pop style is the sultry uplift that anyone can appreciate. With jangly-style casts of shade spread throughout the single ‘Lofi’, there’s just one thing that is ‘lofi’ about it. Nothing is nothing, if you wanna make it ‘nothing’. There will always be the last slice of white bread for you last hot dog. There will alway be the surprise kiss from your better half. There will be friends who make you mad..mad with appreciation and give you a nervous break-down at the same time. Smile. It’s JW at the scene. Smile. Life is like that.

Vikki Gilmore – Electricity

Montreal based beauty, Vikki Gilmore, floods your thoughts of sunshine with glorious vocals of emotions and after-thoughts of afternoon begone. Vikki’s: “Inspired by everyday life and the vast intricacies of being human…” As it is a tradition, more than not, Montreal affords artists of top shelf caliber of musical talents – unleashing them to the world, and for our hearts to caress. Vikki’s music is in that category of delight and shine. 2018 releases EP, ‘Someone’, is a wistful journey away from the comforts of familiarity and back again, with stops along the way to mourn lost love. ‘Electricity’ is the follow up that continues the poignant exploration of passions of small and large, to purvey through the vastness of our unknowns and the haze of living. As mentioned, ‘inspiration’ of ‘humans’ is part of what Vikki offers, and with each salient note and graceful vocal tones, the colors that manifest in this single is something to note and believe.

Dirty Rugs – Made in the Shade

The Seattle four-piece got their name from the beer soaked rug that lays beneath the drum kit in their practice space, but it’s raucous riffs, fist pumping percussion and chant-a-long vocals that really tie the room together. The band consists of: Cody Plaiss, Cody DeCant and identical twins, Josh and Ben Phelps. And the mix of 2000’s Kings Of Leon vibes, with the ‘Dirty Rugs’ kind of decadence, living and thrivin’ in the DNA of this song, you just can’t have it played, just once. It’s a fact. DIRTY RUGS just knows how to push your party buttons. From the 5 track EP ‘Two Sides’, the single ‘Made In The Shade’ is a taunt of sorts, decking down the abhorrent and gaudy, with the merciless truths of living and knowledge. The rockers keep on doing the things that just rock, and Seattle should be proud.

Ole Anders Walseth – Hardcore

Off of Ole Anders Walseth’s latest EP, ‘Ole Anders Walseth II’, comes ‘Hardcore’. Continuing and perhaps putting a conclusion to the journey of the first iteration of self-titled 9 song EP, the second release is a short exclamation mark to the empath. Hard rock, if you couldn’t guess is where Ole is all about. Listen to the ‘version I’ of his self title album and you can’t help but hear the 80’s hair-rock weight it exudes. The seriousness of the chords to the burning guitar work, are the central calling card of Ole. ‘Hardcore’ is the only new addition to the line of songs, as the other three are from the first album. But the effect is of ballad like forcefulness that is ideal and so true to the core of rock. Ole knows. We know. You now should know too.


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