Sam Miller x Lizzy Rose x Chris Cunningham ‘Blood moon Honeymoon’ : You adjust. Or let life laugh at you for a bit.

Sam Miller

From the piano, you get the sense that from missed opportunities and loves never requited, the sum of the protagonist’s acceptance of things, is just that. An acceptance of plights. An acceptance of emotions. An acceptance of who will be consumed in a recorded exercise in life.

Friends. Lovers. Family. Strangers. A veritable smorgasbord of knowledge and fleeting suggestions, throw dust into the winds, when you are working hard to settle in. Life is a suit that just doesn’t fit quite right, all the time.

You adjust. Or let life laugh at you for a bit.

Oh well.

Sam Miller is an artist. Different vibes, and gumption for what it means to exist. We think his interpretation, is the bee’s knees.

Bloodmoon Honeymoon was written and recorded in one night in a Seattle basement by Chris Cunningham, Lizzy Rose and Sam Miller.


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