Sam Murray ‘Moving On’ : A new salvation, in a new chapter awaits him.

Sam Murray

Singer-songwriter Sam Murray is from Ontario, Canada, and: “I started my music journey with covers on Youtube, and now I write my own songs”. Quickly turning the floodgates of hard work and emotional connection to his subject, he’s come up with the goodness of ‘Moving On’.

“‘Moving On’ is about the period of time at the end of a relationship, where you know things just aren’t working anymore. Having to accept that it’s time to stop holding on, and start letting go.”

A captivating saga, that is experienced by most, Sam charmingly puts his own slice of lessons learned vibes. Willing to fight until the last drop of energy, the protagonist is melancholically happy to let things go as they may.

A new salvation, in a new chapter awaits him.

Sam knows how to reveal his inner feelings to paper. His music tells the full breadth of emotions, in his distinct and understated vision.


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