Sam Roberts Band ‘I Like The Way You Talk About The Future’ : Thick groove with trippy vibes and inspired lyrics.

Sam Roberts Band

‘I Like The Way You Talk About The Future’ is the second new track for 2020 from Sam Roberts Band. Blending an infectious, thick groove with trippy vibes and inspired lyrics, “I Like The Way You Talk About The Future” is a head-nodding, instantaneously catchy track, fitting for the times we’re living in.

“Essentially, in my mind, it comes back to the need for some light. A way forward. To shine some kind of bright light on the future, the path that we’re walking and not giving in to despair.”

Canadian singer-songwriter Sam Roberts released his debut EP The Inhuman Condition in 2002, following a popular independent demo recording of Brother Down he had made at home. Born in Montreal, QC to South African immigrants, he had been a violin player, surrounded by a vast range of musical influences, who eventually moved on to guitar and started a rock band with friends.

Sam Roberts Band continue to deliver their legacy of hit singles to take over the airwaves. Their fiery spirit have made their live shows so legendary, earning them spots performing everywhere from Letterman and Conan to Bonnaroo, ACL, Lollapalooza and Bumbershoot, and alongside heroes like the Rolling Stones and AC/DC.


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