Sam Seccombe ‘Unboyfriend’ (Remix by Ben Xylo) : Tells of our frailties and of our truths to love.


“‘Unboyfriend’ is about realising the unhealthy nature of a rapidly deteriorating relationship, and seeking escape from it. It’s a bold statement that demands equality in a situation which remained unbalanced for too long.”

Taking the already soothing vibe of Sam’s single, Ben’s own layers of subtleties tingle you into another angle, and revels you into thoughts of previous battles of love and lust.

“Sam said the original track was inspired by John Mayer’s song ‘I Don’t Trust Myself’ but ended up being a lot more atmospheric than he initially thought it would be… I tried to take the atmosphere up a notch with my remix, using lots of dense reversed reverbs and lush synth arps. I also created a “twinkly” modular synth patch that fires randomly adding some icing on the cake. Sadly I don’t own any modular hardware yet so it’s only a vst but I’m really pleased with how it sounds and the depth it adds”

Narrowing vibrance of memories, unkind, the brooding undercurrents o ‘Unboyfriend’, tells of our frailties and of our truths to love.

The journey continues.


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