Sam Seg ‘White City’ : Twinkling synths that complements the irresistibly soulful melodies.

Sam Seg

This is the first track to be taken from his debut EP. The track features smooth guitar lines and twinkling synths that complements the irresistibly soulful melodies.

Said Sam: “After finishing cutting the vocals I got a strong feeling that this record is going to play a massively important role in my arsenal of songs,” he says. It is the definitive statement of an artist with a clear vision, who is starting to match his songs with the grand ambition in his mind.

While it can be easy to get lost in the track’s lush, deeply felt sounds, this song takes on some large, universal problems such as drug abuse, depression and anxiety.

“The song is written from a third-person point of view,” added Sam. “My brother went through some things I wouldn’t want to happen to anyone, not even to my worst enemy,” he says. At surface level, the song seems to address the repeated attempts to get clean, but a closer listen reveals many more dilemmas that will be relatable to most people.

Originally hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Sam is working out of his laptop and provides most of the instrumentation himself. Filled with an authentic, emotionally raw sound he is equipped with shimmering pop tunes that carry tremendous songwriting heft. Since launching his musical career in early 2017, Sam’s songs have been streamed over 1,5 million times including debuting at No. 22 on Spotify’s viral 50 chart in the United States.

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