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Sam Sina Shares Latest Single ‘Big Boy’. Beautiful beckoning to love, and love lost.

Sam hits it out of the park in his latest release ‘Big Boy’. Sultry, cheeky, in love, out of love, confusion, profoundly confounds and destroys that moment in time without her, her touch, her fragrance, her being.

This beautifully tuned single is appealing in every way, from each corner, exuding the honesty and time it took to take his inner feelings and effectively write it down on paper.

Takes courage.

Takes real love.

Takes real loss.

Actions are taken, without ills.
That’s the notion, from each side.
Collateral damage, is the only consensus.
You die, I die. We all die, in soul.

We don’t know much about Sam but he’s a fabulous artist. With Chromeo-esque vocals, with the exposition and writing of a soulful R&B Pop singer songwriter, several of the elements touch on past sentimental 80’s sensibilities. And they are glorious. The feelings dredged up are significant, and they are a drug-free high.

A ton of talent, for sure.

Kudos Sam. Hope you’ll keep us up to date on you musical progress.

We’re now fans, and cheering you on.

Sam live and works in Sweden.



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