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Sam Valdez // Honeysuckle // Big Mess // DAM_FINO // Tom Boy

Sam Valdez – Turn

Sam’s single ‘‘Funeral’ was our Song of the Day back in Summer of last year, and stated: “Incantation, destination, your breath breathes into my upper crusted soul. And I desire to be the one, who came to the door of that salutation – beast of a love. The smiles you beam, to my lackluster heart takes revenge at the plights in past which abhorred the masterpieces.” Her single ‘Turn’ is in the similar vain as ‘Funeral’ but with a muster that is darker, brooding, and consequential. Both singles exude a confidence that are exacting and prepositionally humid. But in ‘Turn’, that uncertainty is changed into a more positive and ‘assuredness’ that we can vibe. The single is an thing of beauty, just as we’d been awed by the first time we’d encountered the songstress. The journey continues and will see outstanding successes to come for many more moons.

Honeysuckle – Firestarter

Contemporary folk is in good hands with HONEYSUCKLE. The bluegrass and blues band consisting of trio Holly McGarry, Benjamin Burns, and Chris Bloniarz relegates the world into song. A simpler form of communication where friends and family of music as such, can frolic with enthusiasm and happiness. And be assured, HONEYSUCKLE’s songs are very much ‘happy’. And the soul food of lyrics cling to your ribs like good BBQ and it never lets go. As the lessons of life and fleeting glances, layer into that comforting old sweater of visions, songs like ‘Firestarter’ helps us all to reminisce and question. Origins, life, caring, and understanding – all culminate into this supple package and it flows through your senses. The band had released their sophomore album ‘Catacombs’ in 2017, self-titled in 2016 and their EP in 2015, ‘Arrows’. The band will be releasing their 3rd full album ‘Fire Starter’ on June 21st.

Big Mess – Blood Punk

“You know.. All we want is for people to put on this track and actually get a kick out of it,” stated BIG MESS. “Why do music have to be so grave and serious all the fucking time? For us this is simply about entertaining people.” The band is a no holds barred ragtag talented musicians who rock on feeling good, and keep the energies up with pure adrenaline. Their anthemic statement in this single ‘Blood Punk’ has the verse, “Theres going to be a slaughter”, and it dictates exactly what the band wants from their music. All out, balls to the wall, fun and ecstasy. They have a big obligation to their fans alike, and they see this as part of a list of duties bands like them should take seriously. And you do. With chops that are punk and lyrical delivery that is Bowie-esque, the fun never stops with the band of excoriating visceral rockers. “We are consciously trying to overstimulate the viewer in the video. Mostly because it’s banging good fun, but also because we wanted it to emanate the over-the-top visuals of old-school Death Metal.” ‘Nuff said, ya heard?! Get into BIG MESS.

DAM_FINO – Stay the Same

Koby Geddes and Ardie Worsley make songs like ‘Stay The Same’. They makes songs that make you feel cleansed with driving guitars and refreshing vocals. That’s what you have in this single, and as the post-punk emo outfit kicks it into another gear, DAM_FINO (pronounced dam-fee-no) doesn’t stop. The band said: “‘Stay the Same’ talks about reinvention and a desperate desire to change, speaking volumes for a world that’s obsessed with creating fake personas.” The London based duo left Sydney in 2017, in a search for their destiny in music. Ending jobs, and the monotone repetition of life, the artists left for ‘bigger’. A personal anthem to a degree, ‘Stay The Same’ is their flag and their here to stake their claim. Powerful voice on top of defining tone from the instruments make this offering something to really dig into.

Tom Boy – Lowrider

Nate Daniels, lead singer/songwriter for Tom Boy and Crispin Day are the forces behind this delectable project. Falling in between the cracks of life and the hectic none-sense, TOM BOY’s single ‘Lowrider’ is here to help you cope. Nate had gone through the ups and downs of collaborating, and with a downfall of a past band, he’d still wanted expand and reach for a new star. Within the frame work of TOM BOY, the instigator of rockin’ hymns and intelligent protocols for craft, Nate kicks it up a notch in this fabulous single and music video. The invigorating pace with salient visuals, knock your socks off as the message to move forward from unimaginable odds that can hinder. Triumph will happen. Let it happen sooner than later. ‘Lowrider’ is a heck of a vibe maker and we dig it to bits.


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