Same Girls Shares ‘Domino’. Wanting More.

Love the intro. Love it in how it’s presented. Love it in how it transitions. SAME GIRLS’ single ‘Domino’ fits the criteria set forth by the good ol’ British rock that we at CHF dip back into whenever we’re feeling frisky.




Grit in the bridge.

Wanting more.

The vocals (Taifa Nia) is low-key but has a tinge of understated aggression that is very habit forming and might be good (or bad) for your health. Well, of course it is good for your health, and you should listen to it, for the maturation and form fitting exultation from the single is well informed and constitutionally sound.

The feeling and vibe of some songs from Franz Ferdinand comes to mind when listening to this particular single ‘Domino’. But that notion is quickly quashed when you have a go at their past singles and outputs.

It’s all SAME GIRLS and no one else.

‘Aggressive Shoegaze’ if there is something like that in the Universe. SG is that.

And we dig it, to bits.



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