Sami Simon Shares ‘Carry You With Me’. Save Yourself. Take One More Look.

Staring out the window of life passing by, instills the stillness that, sometimes we don’t know it exists. Looking on the expanse of what’s near us – the streets, the cafes, the sky, the mountains, the cars – all jumble together in one massive detriment.

How can the abilities of our little minds, tackle such issues of healing ‘within’. We don’t really want to heal, sometimes. Narcissism, towards our own souls, is built into our brain activities; hard wired to motivate, to prod, to push us along this winding road that is called ‘life’. It’s the drive to do better, get more things, to become accomplished; to envy, to scold, to obstruct, to destroy.

That’s what we can do.

But it eats at our insides, one brick at a time. Leaving trail of personal guilts, dead and piled up, assassinated on that dirt road, just as in war. The rotting flesh emits the odor of the records of life chapters buried.

Look out onto the window of life – passing by – then be still. Take one more look.

Simon’s second single from his upcoming EP is ‘Carry You With Me’ instills the calm of what we should, then tries its best to reveal what we can and often times, ARE.

“I started writing this song on a trip through Scandinavia and wanted to capture the twisted feeling of hope and heartache when you decide to move on by the cost of leaving something substantial behind. Like a love that has withered over time and has become painfully cold, while you still have those beautiful memories. So the song is about leaving and moving on, but preserving what once has been so dear.”

Let’s rebuild from within.


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