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Samson Shares Beautiful Interpretive Folk Single ‘King Kong’. As Life’s Memories Flash You By.

It’s that intrinsic recognition of what’s so very fragile about us, as human beings. How immaculately cleansed we can become, depending on that moment of clarity. But we just don’t know when that comes to pass. For we’re simple beings, and animals that, in most part, are scared, restless, and far too distracted to be the most efficient.

But there’s one time that we can imagine when we get ‘clarity’. That is the moment that we are so very scared that we think we are to perish from this Earth. That moment just before we recognize that we will die, and cease to function as we had been.

Moments start to flash before our eyes, and swing past like white hot film extracts on classic rollers in a video machine.

We can see through that earnest brilliance, making us remember the Good times, and the Momentous moments, which, during life, didn’t recognize it so.

Regrets, apologies, family, friends. Situation, opportunities. Anger, frustration, and LOVE.

The stream of consciousness flows in those white-hot moments beforehand.

It’s the moment when we could say we were, truly alive.

‘King Kong’ is a fabulous song from Samson (formerly Samson The Truest). It’s the latest single singe 2015 (album Come Back Shane). The single is beautiful in every sense. At the same time dark and remorseful.

We dig it lots, for sure.



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