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Samuel Jack – In My Head

“For me, I struggled with depression and anxiety,” said Samuel Jack, “and in my eyes, despite having a history of mental health issues in my family – I’m certain my issues were born through situation and subsequently has come to affect every aspect of my life. Romantic relationships, professional ones; it really took hold of me”. The honest, open and very candid single exudes passionate vocals and compelling melodies. Considering himself somewhat of a ‘mental health survivor’ Jack has learnt how to successfully live with it, emerging stronger than ever before and even learning things about himself that he never realized. Raised on Blues, Motown, soul and roots music, Jack aims to produce something with indisputable honesty and authenticity. “As always with my songs, I just want them to be 100% honest, open and vulnerable in some respects. No bars held.” Inspirational and powerful, ‘In My Head’ is the latest from the singer/songwriter. Samuel’s desire to add something good to this world, is at the heart of his conscientious singles. And it shows.

Blind Butcher – Liebe Leben

Blind Banjo Aregger and Oklahoma Butcher make up Blind Butcher. No category. No genre. Blending sensibility – that’s what the German duo does for a living. And boy. Do they do an expert job, from note one to the last. Outfits like Blind Butcher and music videos for ‘Liebe Leben’ makes life more fun. The pastel colors of differentiating calibers, switching thoughts and inklings – striding and riding the future for all its worth. What a feeling, eh? Like a wind from the far north, cool and deferent, a continuing burst of ‘eureka’ slides off of your tongue and into the life blood of your day to day living. Impact, baby. Impact. See them next @ Gainsbar Kortrijk, November 13th.

Little Triggers – I’m Alright

“I wrote I’m Alright to put two fingers up to all the things that go wrong in your life,” explained livewire Little Triggers frontman Tom Hamilton. “You get to Friday night and just blow away the bad stuff by going out and enjoying yourself. It’s an anthem to survival in the modern world.” With an Iggy Pop support slot last year and a run of festival-slaying performances this summer, as well as a growing fanbase from tours of the UK, France and China, the rock n’ roll flame is burning brightly with Little Triggers. Off of their debut album ‘Loaded Gun’, the UK rock n’ rollers make hay and give it all with The Hives like frenetics and off the charts energy levels. Exhilerating would be the right word for ‘Loaded Gun’. See them next @ Hope and Anchor, London October 30th.

Halldór Eldjárn – Heim

“Originally this song was generated by a AI driven program I created that turns photos from the moon in to music,” stated Halldór Eldjárn. “The song’s name is in Icelandic and translates to “Going home”. The marimba is the main instrument on this album, accompanied with a deep string quartet, synths and percussion. It envisions a melodic and hopeful return back to earth after a short trip to the moon.” Off of his latest LP, ‘Poco Apollo’, which “feature some of the songs by my robotic band, and a few songs from an online.” The experimental artist delves deep with technology and organic sounds, mixing mediums, time to time, to fully present new ideas and plans through his audible eccentricities. Whether interpreted as ‘of this world’ or of another, there’s no doubt this Icelandic artist equates sounds of the Universe as diverse and intrinsically beautiful as any pop genre manifestation. His album is available now.

Blush FM – Bounce

“‘Bounce’ was inspired by the idea of resilience,” said Blush FM, “from the initial impact of something happening down to the components that make it actually feel possible to move forward. For me getting over something depends heavily on who I’m around, what kind of conversations we’re having, and what I’m investing my time in after. ‘Bounce’ was a larger realization that adversity is consistent, and my time is better invested in being good to the people around me as well as myself.” From the EP ‘Project A’, ‘Bounce’ is filled with positive tension. Seductive and a kaleidoscopic alt-pop absolution, ‘Project A’ delivers with profound synth work, designed to evoke and prod, the untested emotional muscles of your psyche. The New York-based artist is a stunner through and through, nurturing a space without borders. Blush FM has carved herself a niche of pop-adjacent music that’s unconfined and limitless. Blush FM explores space with eyes unbound and her emotional ties to the realities with vexing culture and vehemently exquisite doubts. It’s another winner from a fabulous artist. See the glory that is Blush FM next @ C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn on November 1st.


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