Samuel Vincent Aubuchon ‘Monday in Your Eyes’ : If you’re loved this way. You don’t need anything else.

Samuel Vincent Aubuchon

“‘Monday In Your Eyes’ is about that heartbreaking feeling that everyone understands but nobody wants to talk about – not being able to love someone back, no matter how hard you try,” said Samuel Vincent Aubuchon. “I really hope people connect with the track, writing it was such a therapeutic experience.”

The beauty in this single – of balance of tact and empathy – lounges selectively and manages to bring out the secrets of your longing. A profound exclamation for the thing that eludes most of us on this planet, ‘Monday In Your Eyes’ is the license to love, when you have love, and you can. It’s the delightful reminder of what real love can be, and of it limited eccentricities.

If you’re love this way, there is no question where you should be. Love in this way, will mean, you won’t need anything else.

We think the broadway beauty of Samuel Vincent Aubuchon’s expressive vocals bring this essence for examination, in the biggest way.


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