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San Carol Shares ‘Cancer’. “You Can’t Escape From Yourself Too Easily, Can You?

“Can you take the keys and get the groceries out of the car?” Sarah was the partner of John, for 5 years. They considered themselves as ‘married’ although the official paperwork didn’t indicate that. And they didn’t need that in paper to know that they were ‘partners for life’. They knew from the first time they’d met, in that bar, watching football on the flat screen TV; rooting for opposite teams.

Now, they rooted for the same team – their team – Team Sarah & John.

Admirable they said, according to their friends and neighbors and strangers passing by their life. They looked so good together, so happy, so well adjusted. The next steps seemed to have been in their progression, where the talk of having children was inevitable.

They both glowed with delight and contentment.

That’s why when on that Thursday evening, it was very much a shock when hearing about the ‘murder’ in the family. The ordeal was a sensation nationally. It was a scandal talked about throughout much of the world. The tabloids to the network TV news had it covered from beginning to the end, 24 hours a day.

What went wrong?

“I don’t know.”

Insanity is a fine line to cross. And SAN CAROL’s single ‘Cancer’, to us here at CHF, digs interestingly into the maelstrom of the human consciousness, without even knowing it. Or do they?

The single delves into the self chats of insecurities, un-wants, un-knowns, and the un-predictable – scenarios that freezes our actions, pausing our natural processes to a crawl. The protagonist wants OUT of the place that torments, and bullies.

But you can’t escape and run away from yourself too easily, can you?

It’s a dilemma.

‘Cancer’ is from the new upcoming album ‘Houdini’ which drops October 19th.



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