San Cisco ‘On The Line’ : “Will you fall in love, if there is a chance?”

San Cisco / Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Australian indie-pop band San Cisco share their catchy new song, ‘On The Line’. Jordi Davieson, Joshua Biondillo, and Scarlett Stevens deliver their 4-song EP ‘Flaws’ back in March and ‘On The Line’ continues the dynamic charms of engrossing pop culture in song and vibe.

The band explained: “Where do you draw the line? When do you pull the plug? How do you know if the juice is worth the squeeze? The game of love is never an easy one to play. Do you pick up the pieces and move onto to something new? Or stick it out for another round of romance?”

A bouncy emphasis on all that is gentle and dear about love and being loved, ‘On The Line’ dictates ultimatums. It assures an answer, with the ever engaging way to demand the obvious.

“Will you fall in love, if there is a chance?”



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