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Sanderlings Share ‘Dear Friend’. Another Single. Same Glorious Result To Our Ears.

We really like SANDERLINGS’ ‘Lizard’s Mouth Feeling’. We’d said: “This very straight forward song about ‘hating your job and loving being outside’ is something that can be a common thread for (arguably) majority of the populous living in this place named Earth. Raise your hand. Raise both hands.”

Whatever that meant by us, it just states that we ‘dug’ that single.

Now, you come to ‘Dear Friend’. It’s rock, alt, snare, and monotone vocals. But kick-ass!

Why? Listen. Songs like this is for dancing, mOshing (gently), in front of the band, and enjoying every little knock from that good ol’ snare drum. It’s so fun, it’s made for live sessions, and as fans, that’s what is top of the list.

Well, at least for us.

The band is pure and straight forward, as we’d said before. And that’s the charm of their music.

Heck, that’s a plus for anyone or any band, wouldn’t you say?

We think so.

The guys are from Santa Barbara, in the big state of California. They released their EP in 2016. The first self-released album is out now.


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