Sanderlings Share ‘Lizard’s Mouth Feeling’. Can we get there?

This very straight forward song about ‘hating your job and loving being outside’ is something that can be a common thread for (arguably) majority of the populous living in this place named Earth. Raise your hand. Raise both hands.

Tossing the tennis ball and catching it back, staring at the medium sized clock in the office door way… many of us have done that right? Thinking about making a living, doing the thing that we’re most passionate about on the weekends. Whether it be fishing, golfing, playing baseball, selling tchotchke in the local flea market, making tables out of damaged oak.

Oh, what a day it will be when we get to that point. Maybe win the lottery?? Maybe strike it rich in the stock market??

Can we get there?


Making a hobby, into a full time business – that would be the life.

But will it?

We say, enjoy the hobby, as it is today. Why not, right? Because when a ‘hobby’ turns into a ‘job’, then the cycle could continue and it won’t feel like a ‘passion’ any longer.

Well, in any case, who knows. We don’t know what we’re talking about =D

One thing’s for sure, we take a different tact to the message of this song: “Live the best you can, with the things you have now.”



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