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Sans Parade Shares ‘My Name Is RED’. “Actions of grappling with personal fissures.”

Off of the upcoming new album ‘FUGUE STATE’ (May 24th), the transcendental band, SANS PARADE, makes you pay with emotional gratitude and actions of grappling with personal fissures.

Introspective, and at the same time outwardly observing, the futuristic anthem of ‘My Name Is RED’ is a single that dances at the tip of your tongue, dashing your taste buds with salient wild oats of pains and prospects.

The 3 piece Finland-Sweden based electro-rock project garners the ethereal with the touch of reality and accustomed relevance for our listening pleasure. And like heir biggest single, ‘Hyperbore’, the band continues to bring rock and experimentally tinged synth aromatics to each and every subversive and didactic versions of song.

Pekka Tuppurainen, Jani Lehto and Markus Perttula make up this intriguing addition to the music Universe. And as the band evolved as time has gone forward, the focus on their performance and musical acumen has never ceased to diminish. Markus’s falsetto vocals dilate your senses for the courses of emotional journal entries that come from left and right, while the instrumental accompaniment by the Pekka and Jani lifts you out of that ‘grayness’ and puts a warm hand on your shoulder, as if to say: “Everything will be alright”.

‘My Name Is RED’ is certainly an acquired taste. But once you’ve been draped in the mahogany goodness, you’ll see where the trio wanted to take you.

That journey continues, and we’re all invited.



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