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SaNTINO Shares ‘Boobjob (Official Video)’ “Just Don’t Drool On Her New Blouse Though.”

We’re animals. We do things in the heat of the moment that we deem affectionate. But in hindsight we think it was a bit ‘barbaric’. Well, update: Our emotional and sexual urges ARE ‘barbaric’. It’s kindly very much from our ‘animalistic past’.

Being civilized is about ‘managing’ our urges, emotions, devotions, desires – in the efforts not to exert power to a less formidable entity. It’s how we’ve forged our 21st century world.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk or sing about it.

This is where SaNTINO comes in, and becomes our amplifier to the most urgent subject in mind, when in a fascinating relationship with a significant other.

‘Boobjob’ is such fun. Simple as that. It’s the telling of a tale regarding this boy who wanted to be with his match, and the desires are so much (too much) to handle whenever they’re together. Compliment in a way, for sure.

We held our chins high, at our CHF HQ, and said to ourselves: “Oh yea. He knows what’s going on. Right Missy?!”

Although our Missy wasn’t in the office at the time, the sentiment was agreed: “SaNTINO can groove, with the best of ’em.”

Dance you fool.

Dance like SaNTINO.

Bite your tongue, you fool.

Just like SaNTINO.

Care, you fool.

Because she’s so good to you.

Just don’t drool on her new blouse though.

SaNTINO is UK based and is a fab solo artist/producer. His clear communication and delectable appendages sprouting from his 70’s/80’s disco sounds make him a perfect date for you to love, and not care.

Dig, SaNTINO. You really should.



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