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Saquaè // Mirel // Gran Larson // Kay Franklin & Keenan The First // Makola

Saquaè – Paradise

Surprising and delicious in its own way. The classic roll of rhyming from Saquaè, is structured and exudes an attitude in love and what can be promised as love. Smooth and chill, the conversation started with the girl of that fantasy of your dreams, is a message for the opposite sex. Appreciation for the strong woman, is the central tenet to ‘Paradise’. The single is an appreciation directly from the artist with as Saquaè puts it: “..showcasing his humbleness, respectfulness, and dedication.” The New Brunswick, New Jersey maker of vibes crystalizes his thoughts, extending honesty and truth, through his lyrics.

Mirel – Bleinsfeld Episode 2 (feat. Bleinsfeld)

MIREL presents, and it’s the path to goodness. We often live in a cave. Our social bubble grows bigger and bigger, as we keep our attention close to that mobile device. It’s becoming an integral part of both actual and virtual Universes. How will we, as humans, deal with this phenomenon that has consumed our passions, in entertainment, hobbies, and professional passions? Who knows. But in ‘Bleinsfeld’, the smooth groove of the music, tells the story of what we do, in private and public. Consumption, starts with one text, reply, emoji, and trolling expositions.

Gran Larson – BED [Prod. By MarcDBeats]

Texas based GRAN LARSON, off of the EP ‘The Shattered Diamond’, is a drives with the consciousness of a thousand moons. With moody synth soundscapes, the pulsing is delightfully broken with grooving words, spit, and stamped for all to explore. There’s nothing to be left for unimaginative, here. Get on the beats; chill with your mind at ease.

Kay Franklin & Keenan The First – Green Light

‘Green Light’ is a pop inversion into reality, as the fluttering melodies hit your ribs, with gentle inhibitions and attitudes. A collaboration between KAY FRANKLIN and KEENAN THE FIRST, the dripping sensibilities, can’t be shaken off too fast or often. It’s her. It’s you. There’s nothing that can stop you, as the versions of hot attraction, can’t be denied. The Earth moves – only to the dual collisions of the two. Dip in, and make it happen.

Makola – Champagne Monday

70’s psyche rock urgency. 90’s industrial house attitude. Refreshingly MAKOLA flavored piña colada of taste and bouncy shimmer. The East London duo brings the energetic ‘weekend anthem’ into ‘Champagne Monday’. Why? Because we all need to plan out our weekends on Mondays. It’s a fact. 10-out-of-10 agree, that Tuesday to Thursday are just place holders for our exuberance. Hiphop, grime, rock – that’s how MAKOLA does things, and it’s done clean. No muss, nu fuss, no remaining haze. Word.


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