Sa´ra Charismata ‘Hypocrites’ (Video) : Showcase feminine power, strength, spirituality, sexuality, in both light and darkness.


In the best traditions of uber entertainers like M.I.A, Icona Pop and Santigold, Sa´Ra’s delivers un-ending campaigns into self examination and ultimate ride to glory. With ultra hooky synths, dips, push and shove, the riotous electricity of Sa´Ra Charismata is undeniably within and obvious to listen.

‘Hypocrites’ reconnects us all with who we really are. No shame. No blame. Just going forward as mother nature intended you can.

‘Hypocrites’ is the unapologetic power anthem. Charismata’s strength is the tool to master life’s adversities. If you’ve ever been knocked down and gotten back up, if you have ever been told how you should act or live, who you should vote for, pray to, ideals to live by, ignoring the very intuition you were uniquely graced with, you will feel the message in ‘Hypocrites’.

The music video for ‘Hypocrites’ is written and directed by Sa’ra Charismata herself.

She wanted to showcase feminine power, strength, spirituality, sexuality, in both light and darkness, in a way that is atypical in the mainstream.

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Starting my new life as a secret agent #SaraBond #007

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