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Sara Marie Barron Shares ‘Does She’.

Twirling around in the head of my feelings, was very hard today. That, in fact, made the day feel longer and more subdued than it had been in a long while. My bed wasn’t made. My curtains weren’t drawn. And the kitchen table was full of the dinner dishes from the night before. I had sat in front of the TV and woke up the next day, in the same position.

QVC woke me up in the morning, with the greeting of ‘top values’ and screams of ‘get them while they’re hot’ exclamations. My eyes popped open and the announcer was pushing the idea of better skin and vibrancy through this ancient secret from the middle ages.

I didn’t wholly hate it, though. Maybe I could use a refresher.

Might as well, for I dreamed about her again. And was too depressed to even clean up my dining table.

What a mess I was. I knew it. But didn’t care at the moment.

I got up and walked to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and then, as always, thought of her, flossing, next to me. Wow. When you miss someone, you miss the little banal things.

What a mess I am.

SARA MARIE BARRON’s second single ‘Does She’ off of her upcoming full LP is exactly what it is: a check on what shortcoming we have as humans and within the relationship arena. We act tough, but sometimes, we’re very much vulnerable. Sara’s ‘matter of fact’ style of vocal idiosyncrasies communicate this idea very well, dodging judgements, and forging a tighter bond with the listener and his/her own secret longings.

Let’s all accept our ‘messiness’ and let’s go forward. Sara thinks so too. We all deserve a quick recovery, for sure.



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