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Sara Marie Barron’s Single ‘That Man’.

She wondered whether that was the truth or not. It came out of his mouth but she had gotten more confused, as their relationship reached one of those milestones. She was crazy about him though, and she knew that. Even if there were some question marks, she couldn’t resist, just dropping the subject – whatever that subject was at that time.

The time on that roof was unforgettable.

We loved, being in love that night.

His thoughts made my head spin.

His scent made my body shiver in delight.

Never talk to me again, she told her conscience. It was overrated for this occasion, per her educated guess.

This was her travel to the stars.

Sara Marie Barron is a jazz and blues singer/songwriter, and yes, maybe a bit out of bounds for our little site, but hey, when we like a song, we like a song. And we like this little diddy ‘That Man’. It is simple, and straight forward, with just enough of intrigue from Sara’s vocals – it’s that creamy topping on a freshly made muffin: warm, smooth, and oh so tasty.

Good stuff.



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