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Sara Phillips Shares ‘New York Without Me’. “The fight has left. Can love prevail?”

As you sit, by the TV, you stare blankly through the walls. The sounds of the characters within the TV show glance defeated, with no trace of acknowledgement from you. The sound of sirens and honking horns from your 5 story apartment windows, never garners your attention. You sit. You stare. Into a blank canvas of white noise.

Utterly disappointed.

It is worse than being mad. Being annoyed. Being angered. It is one step away from being wholly severed from a form of relationship that existed between two parties. It is near a cliff’s edge of becoming ‘nothing’ to one, and/or the other. It is a near death sentence between a former life of love and attention.

SARA PHILLIPS’ single ‘New York Without Me’ embodies that last straw – that moment when you’d tried to reason with the emotions of being disappointed with the person you love – had loved. Mistrust, misdeeds, nights of arguments, days of frustration culminates into one moment of silence.

As you sit, by the TV, you stare blankly through the walls…not caring any longer.

The fight has left.

Love’s last strand of hope, vanishes.

And with that, colors of this world changes, irrevocably – utterly – irreversibly.

Montreal in origin, the NYC based singer/songwriter sings with beautiful honesty in ‘New York Without Me’. The sullen atrophy of the lyrics, dynamically and gently, tell the story of an effort that has gone through.

No pretentious ups or peaks, as ‘New York Without Me’ is a journal for how many of us deal with facets of our relationships.

And we think, that is what songwriting could be.

Kudos indeed to Sara.



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