Sarah Barrios ‘Love Songs’ : Dazzles our summer hearts with a charmer that uplifts and makes you smile.

Sarah Barrios

‘Love Songs’ by Sarah Barrios documents her own ‘fall’. In love, of course. From the artist who’d charmed audiences with her debut ‘I Didn’t Mean To’, she dazzles our summer hearts with a charmer that uplifts and makes you smile. The song “speeds through obsession, daydreams and sleepless nights until its ultimate realization that being in love isn’t all that bad.”

“I kept trying to write love songs that were cool, but it turns out, love isn’t cool,” Sarah said. “It’s cheesy and happy and confusing and scary all at the same time. Once I realized that, writing love songs, wasn’t so hard anymore.”

When it came to putting together her first tracks to be released, Sarah added: “This song was the missing piece for me. I really wanted something fun and upbeat, a song you could dance to in your room to and one that made you feel like the main character in a movie.”

Growing up in Torrington, Connecticut, as part of a musical household, she’s turned her talent for songwriting into hits for other artists. She’s now living out her dream, doing it for herself – solo – and in command.


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