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Sarah MacDougall’s Single ‘Empire’. “In Living, In Participating, In Cooperating.”

SARAH MACDOUGALL’s first single ‘Empire’ is off of the upcoming album ‘All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything’ (Autumn, 2018).

Righteous indignations profoundly color our eyeglasses in living, in participating, in cooperating, and in asking others to do what you’d want. There are limits to the consequences of what’s reachable and what’s non-negotiable in this vast life-time of our current era.

Seems very foreboding and un-approachable.

Shouldn’t be.

Rhetorical questions and amenities aim to pick and nick into that scratched outer shell of what we experience in this environment on terra firma local. It’s that first step to thought and maybe the step to greater actions. And with the right pieces constructed through this wilderness of hopes, and wills dashed, there could be a glimmer of hope and real prosperity, that we can deem, for ourselves, a victory flag. A flag that is whole and solid and unassailable.

But it starts with that first step.

‘Empire’ is what it is, a call to arms about sensibilities and urgencies, deep within some of us, welling up and waiting to be tapped.

“Where should we go from here?”

“Let’s just keep trying.”




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