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Sarah VDB Shares Beckoning Title Single ‘The Moon’ Off Of 4 Track EP.

“We sure did, Sarah. We sure did.” That’s the response we have for SARAH VDB, a Toronto based singer/songwriter (Sarah van den Berg) on how much we enjoyed this single ‘The Moon’. And we fell in love with it, right away.

“Around this time last year, I traded a sequined, blue bra and two tall cans for a chronically-out-of-tune, basically-a-toy, pink guitar on Bunz Trading Zone. I learned a handful of chords and started writing music.” – Sarah.

In writing and singing Americana / Folk, it is (at least to us at CHF) very important that the words have some gravitas behind its presentation and aesthetics for the listener. In ‘The Moon’, it is evident to us that this is so.

The ruffled cuffs of the dress made her itchy. But the ‘itch’ was for the future she expected to find across the horizon, she’d built – in her heart, her mind, her existence. And it was time for her to scratch that itch, for all throughout her system of bones and tissues, she felt it – it was necessary for her spread her wings.

And she did.

Take the road to the places of unknown equations with ‘The Moon’. And when you take Sarah’s hand in this little journey, she’ll tell you straight how to conduct yourself in this dreaming life and that you need to just forge on. It’s important that you do so. It’s important to her you hold on.

“Over the course of a year, I barfed out melodies and lyrics for over 30 song concepts. The majority of them were pretty cringe-y. But I promised myself that whatever came out, I wouldn’t judge it. Instead, I would free it.”

“Earlier this year I met Julia Wittmann: a budding, brilliant, bright-eyed mixer and producer with access to Ryerson University’s recording studio. We pulled together a motley crew of old friends, new friends, cousins and friends of cousins and recorded three songs that were easy enough to capture in a day. The result is my first EP. It’s a total experiment. A labour of love. Pretty damn magical, if I do say so myself. Honestly, something I didn’t think was possible.”

We love Sarah’s attitude and gumption. We love her songs and their subtle and raw substance.

It’s her first opening salvo into the music world, and from what we’ve heard, it just seems like she’s been doing this for longer. Her instincts seem to be on the money. And best of all, she’s dedicated to producing the best work she can – emotionally, effectively, beautifully.

And we, fabulously, dig that about her. We’re expecting lots of good stuff from her in the future, for sure.

Kudos, Sarah. Kudos. High-five.

The EP is available now.



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