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SARRA Brings ‘Invisible’. Dramatic Crescendo Of Emotions. Self-Titled Album Out Now.

In a darker part of an individual’s life, and among the crumbling ruins of the heart, creativity takes root and sprouts. The wings are tattered from the battles. The war doesn’t seem like a winning prospect.

SARRA’s ‘Invisible’ is a culmination of all those feelings of black, white, and gray that, at the end of it all, spawned the rightly emotions an artist can only interpret and disseminate.

“‘Invisible’ was written during one of the hardest times in my life,” stated SARRA. “I was recently divorced and in a new relationship. I was feeling completely disconnected within myself and lost after being with the same person for so long. I didn’t know myself anymore. So often we project our inner conflict on the person we’re with. At the time I felt completely invisible to this person because I was unable to be vulnerable, to give myself to someone new. Internally I was feeling completely lost.

This single in itself is a weighty, and dramatic sequence of chapters. Ringing truth to all of the memories of pain, and joy. But in one swooping series of notes, within the bridge, the song comes a larger life of influence, displaying the beautifully crafted vocals of SARRA. The soaring notes inject exactly the euphoria within the her time of crisis. An acceptance of sorts, to the unmistakable tribulations to a soul, she blends hierarchical notes to feelings that helped her survive.

It’s a beautiful summation in song.



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