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Satellite Mode Shares ‘Sepia’. “Look at your reflection through the looking glass.”

“So excited to share our music video for ‘Sepia’. Taped in the winter, released in the summer and includes a dance breakdown. Pushing boundaries for us!”

SATELLITE MODE’s founding members Jess Carvo and Alex Marko keeps it off-guard and non-descript in their single and video for ‘Sepia’.

Added Jess and Alex: “This song started with a wavy instrumental loop that we transformed into an emotional soundscape through a sense of deep longing. a pile of dream-like memories inspired us, like visual mementos that came flooding in all at once. The words and lyrics were written just as swiftly; all because of these raw emotions drawn out by a synthesizer loop.”

The dreams flow with pop assertiveness, and the indie-folk lyrical acumen, combine to a beautifully twisting – synth appropriated – amalgam in decadence. That’s what ‘Sepia’ is.

And just like the technical photo processing style, it is of the past and of the future that interlocks in this single.

Tint of r&b/soul, brilliantly shimmers under the small slit of the gateway, brightening up the room, of darkness and worry, a silhouette of prize and unadulterated infatuation. There’s nothing else to worry about with ‘Sepia’, and with SATELLITE MODE on your side.

Look at your reflection through the looking glass.

You are alone – for a moment – an inkling. A whole world is out there, outside of that gateway.


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