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Satin Jackets ft. David Harks Shares ‘Shadow of You’. Off Of Upcoming 2nd Album ‘Solar Nights’.

SATIN JACKETS is one our fave producers. DAVID HARKS is one of our fave artists and vocalist. Such a visceral combination, in our eyes – always, and eternal. So soothing, and converges in a dramatic circle of feelings and emotions that is so, very delicious.

And once again they put all of that goodness for our consumption in this tasty single ‘Shadow Of You’.

SATIN JACKETS is the project of Tim Bernhardt and in this single he combines DAVID HARKS’ (Safetalk) relentless substance of his voice to tell another compelling painting.

With a month to go to SATIN JACKETS’ 2nd album, the Germany based star is in his element, once again, dividing our emotions and just making us want to dance some more.

David commented: “It’s especially an honour to feature three times on his new record. Where ‘Northern Lights’ was more about escape, and ‘Through The Night’ about being with others I wrote this particular song about dancing with your shadow, the darkness in yourself. It’s the part of you, your conscience I guess, that even when you’re on your own, wherever you are, will always be there with you and needs to be acknowledged.”

Oh no, David.

It is OUR pleasure to hear you on SJ’s upcoming album.

Believe you, us.

So, don’t just stand there, put the marking on your calendar for the new album.



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