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Satin Jackets & David Harks Share Delicious New Single ‘Through The Night’.

Tim Bernhardt is Satin Jackets and in conjunction with one of faves David Harks (Safetalk) shows us how a perfect song for seduction would sound like, if we had it every evening with our significant other. We surely will be taking advantage of this delectable single to ‘seduce’. At the least, we can enjoy the sultry waves of notes hitting us gently and lovingly on the top of our head.

You know. That touch she gives you. That gentle brush fingering of the back of your head. So giving. So warm.

Feel her touch you, swing back, turn your head – see her watching you with love.

The collaboration between Tim and David has garnered hits starting from 2017’s ‘Northern Lights’. And once again Tim puts his magic in framing David’s beautiful vocals to work, the way it should, for the two major elements meld cohesively, ultimately dictated in this contextual silk of an output.

It’s a fab thang.

“After the amazing success of ‘Northern Lights’ we were bound to do a follow-up. The two of us are quite different in terms of working styles so I feel this is a perfect case of how opposites can attract.” – Bernhardt stated.

David added: “It’s about being loved by someone and how it feels to be loved. Moreover it’s about how we can survive without that love or shape it and use it to suit our needs, “I don’t need your love but it feels so fine”. I wanted to create a song that explored these feelings but that you can also drop hot’n’heavy on the dance floor and Tim came in with his thick warm production and just took it to that next level.”


Kudos, Tim & David. Kudos.

‘Through The Night’ is a song you want to frame on your wall, if we could ever do that.

This single has dropped through the folks at Eskimo Recordings.

Buy [HERE]

Satin Jackets:

David Harks:


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