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Satin Jackets // Denis First & Reznikov // Matt Paul // Sunny from the Moon // Agency666

Satin Jackets – Just Like You

Tim Bernhardt is SATIN JACKETS and the prolific nu-disco star keeps everyone going. ‘Just Like You’ dropped a bit ago, but heck, it’s worth another look and dance. “In recent years the world’s become a smaller, a more inter-connected place,” Tim said. “It can be dark and cold here, with snow all around, and the next day I can be playing to people on a beach. Somewhere on the planet it’s always daytime or summer, but beyond that day and night just blend into each other these days…We have daytime discos so you can go and party whilst the sun is still high in the sky and you can go and hit the gym at night. But day or night, Satin Jackets is your soundtrack.” Dang right. Get sexy. Feel sexy. The summer’s here.

Denis First & Reznikov – Empty

Denis First & Reznikov shows emotional fabulousness in their Dance-Friendly Track ‘Empty’. “It didn’t take forever to record this song,” the duo stated, “it was actually pretty quick! When we first heard the vocals, we knew how the music would sound so once we got to the studio, the idea was here already – all we had to do is to implement it into music. “Empty” turned out pretty emotional, and it makes you wanna dance and think about something significant at the same time.” With success after success, the duo has progressed to collaborations with R3HAB, Galantis, Cash Cash, Nikki Vianna, Madison Mars, Janieck, and the like. The trend continues.

Matt Paul – Deluge

MATT PAUL effortlessly goes from EDM to Hiphop, then back again, to create some fresh interpretations that just makes you want to go ‘hmmmmm’. And that is a great thing in our view, for the refreshing notes and lyrical excellence combines a charming 90’s hiphop tongue-in-cheek aesthetics and refines it to some of the better modern EDM elements that could be used. ‘Deluge’ is one of those instances when all the cylinders are working in unison, as the happiness and smiles just can’t help but pour out as you listen. The bouncy late 80’s hiphop twang reverberates with chic-ness to the brim, as Matt’s delectable vocals shower you and make it rain. Matt is mighty proud of his offering. And we think he has all the right in the world to be feeling that way. ‘Deluge’ is what the music scene has wanted back for a long while. We think Matt’s talent for formulating the classic with the new, will charm your pants off. Word.

Sunny from the Moon – Savanna

So?!? What do you think?? Outrageously fab, isn’t it?? The duo of a producer and songstress make up the project SUNNY FROM THE MOON. “The idea of the video was inspired by talented Masaka Kids Africana foundation Instagram dance performance. We thought that no one can represent the song like these kids. The song is an anthem of life, joy and togetherness so the final result is just what we wanted to see and say to the world.” Read more about Masaka Kids Africana foundation. Alexandra and Irakly are the two behind this single. Their interesting and unique perspectives in construction of song, is delectable and warrants even more downloads. So?? Lovely, right?? Let’s dance with the kids!

Agency666 – Melancholia

Arda Genç is the mind behind the project AGENCY666. The underground techno artist and provocateur, is based in Chicago, delegating images of the now, sublimating them into the future, cutting slits of realities, countering with wisdoms of self truths. Scintillatingly fresh, delicate, and surprisingly optimistic, the understated measure so pulse versus manicured egoism, never overlaps and never argues over what the core mission is. ‘Melancholia’ is part of compilation ‘Techno Commission Vol.1’.


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