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Satin Jackets Shares ‘Primordial (ft. Niya Wells)’. “Hold On To Your Love, With All Your Might.”

We did a review of SATIN JACKETS’ handy work in a collaboration he did with David Harks back in March. And we’d stated about SJ: “shows us how a perfect song for seduction would sound like, if we had it every evening with our significant other. We surely will be taking advantage of this delectable single to ‘seduce’. At the least, we can enjoy the sultry waves of notes hitting us gently and lovingly on the top of our head.”

And here we are and SATIN JACKETS (Tim Bernhardt) is here with a fab collab with NIYA WELLS in ‘Primordial’. A nu-disco/soul/funk dripping 80’s sensibilities induced synth extravaganza.

It’s sexy.

It’s what you need for the weekend.

Is she next to you? Take her by the waist, and look at her longingly.

Talk sweet-nothings to her.

Smile. Laugh. Love her.

Don’t let it go.

Don’t let it go, to waste.

Hold on to your love, with all your might.

Niya’s vocals bring the kind of seduction that is so cool, and always in demand. Nothing gets more electrifying than a fabulous ‘retro-feel’ disco electronic collaboration. And it’s nothing different with this latest from SATIN JACKETS.

It’s the way it is, man.

Go with the flow.

Niya explains, “A few months after the release of ‘Never Enough’ Tim sent me several new tracks and I immediately gravitated towards this track. While writing the lyrics, the word ‘primitive’ kept coming to mind, I wasn’t completely sold on it for various reasons – one reason being the negative connotations tied to it – but I just couldn’t release the idea.”



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