Sauropod – Never On Time

Sauropod’s Never On Time brings the bullsh*t and burns it on the steps. Then takes your objection of that action, and then ties it around your neck. Tightly enough. Noticeable and tidy. But you like it, too.

Sauropod is another one of those fabulous Scandinavian bands that just are so innovative. We at CHF just scratch our heads at how far ahead sometimes Norwegian bands like the Sauropods can be.

Actually, sorry. We’re sometimes dumb-founded, to be honest.

The song is refreshing. And refreshingly, simple. But accurate, determined, fun, exciting: it’s a party song, and it knows it.

We can imagine the band playing live. If one is in the crowd, probably won’t be able to stop moshing just a bit. Or is it spazzing?

Anywho, the fresh cuts the band gives, deters clotting in the skin. It’s that good that the circulatory system doesn’t want the bleeding to stop.

Have a listen to their other offerings. It’s the same: intense, hard, and maybe harder sometimes.

The songs stick, and we can’t get enough.

More please. Thanks.

They are rep’ed by Propeller, the label that rep’s Slotface (the it band from that part of the land, these days), as well.


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