Savannah Conley ‘Never Want To Be In Love’ : Turns into a 180 degree sanction against shriveling up like a powerless flower.

Savannah Conley

Nashville-native Savannah Conley’s ability to transcend genre boundaries has led to an impressive resume of gigs supporting Ben Folds, Brandi Carlile, The Head and the Heart, Willie Nelson, and Ruston Kelly, just to name a few.

“You are no longer looking at the world from the outside, but you’re in it and of it,” she writes of the transitional period that inspired her next record. “You’re a full on adult having to navigate life, love, bills, and all kinds of other frustrating things. These songs are just a word vomit collection of all the feelings about this weird era of life.”

Savannah has spent the past few years navigating the tender passage from adolescence to adulthood. It’s a time wrought with emotions, first loves and heartbreaks, and drastic ups and downs. In her upcoming releases, she has taken the intensity of young adulthood and bottled it up into a selection of universally relatable songs

Courteous to the pangs of life, Savannah’s indicative personal angsts are strewn on the streets of emotive destitution. And in this revealing saga, her tantamount irrevocability, turns into a 180 degree sanction against shriveling up like a powerless flower.

She ain’t one. And she knows what to do. Empowerment, is where Savannah lays, and we’re along for the ride.


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