Saxysyndrum Shares ‘Let Go’. “Tradition in philosophy. Tradition in anticipation.”

Tess Roby

SAXSYNDRUM is: saxophone, synthesis and drums. Dance, indie, pop and experimental is the drive behind this Montréal based band of utter failure in keeping with the norms of music. The tantamount peaks and valleys, are deluged in ‘Let Go’ with individualized moments of ‘chaos’, but in deliberate and structured sonic beauty.

Steeped in the atmosphere of improvisation, ‘Let Go’ describes the release of that hold that binds us all. Deeply inherent and magnetic, the single tracks in the woods of the city, tall with buildings as high as your inner wall.

Breaking it down. Then rebuilding, once more.

As you’d guessed, their style of music is a hit in any live session. The energy is thick with anticipation and payoff, and the emotions can be imagined to be as celebratory as it can be continuous.

The latest upcoming album is ‘Second Nature’ and it will drop April of 2019.


Tess Roby

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