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Sc Ar // Blind The Thin King // Sweetwood // Alith Berndarn // Shuhandz

Sc Ar – Flirt

Deep house producer and DJ, Sc Ar, delivers textured avarice through his music and compositions. A delicate balance of flowery decor-tage, and the imminently valiant romance of the silent edges, Sc Ar, makes you want to dance, even when there’s reality at large. Foreboding experimentations in sound and art, merge a bit closer with ‘Flirt’. And as your body grooves to a decorative enhancement, you notice eyes of virtuous magnetism, scourge and scowl through the curtains of the never. A fog of contentment, amongst a sea of iridescence. Angst defending against the potential bliss. Oscar is Sc Ar, and he’d been a former member of INSECTE. Re-definition of self, begins.

Blind The Thin King – Cloak Of Misanthrope

“I want BTTK to sound like music that’s been found somewhere, maybe in a pyramid or a crashed satellite, and by the time we hear it, its world is long gone,” he says. “I imagine these ragtag electroacoustic ensembles playing songs to sedate the ruling class while their palaces are being looted and burned. The music tries to be pretty, but there’s been too much corruption and waste, so it just comes out sounding dysfunctional and ominous”. “Cloak Of Misanthrope” is the first song on Blind The Thin King’s new EP ‘Four Hymns’.

Sweetwood – One And Only Lover

Listen now this fantastic new SWEETWOOD song. Like never before, One And Only Lover pops out your boxes. An EDM / House / Nu-Disco song that makes it impossible to stand still. For sure that in the coming months we will hear SWEETWOOD’s ‘One And Only Lover’ in the clubs and can be found in many DJ collections. We do hope so. The outfit is a project of Amsterdam based writers/producers collective, Voice Calling Radio. Smile and joy is their aim, always. And the accomplished missions always get ticked after completion. Dance. Let’s dance.

Alith Berndarn – Cycles

Getting it out. Communicating. Then a collapse of means of heart and emotional rendering. ‘Cycles’ is the 4th single of the ‘Mercurial Influx’ extended play from Vienna-native and Hamburg-based producer and visual artist Alith Berndarn. It’s a song of being single, dating, relating, then breaking. The cycle starts over and over again, through a haze of existence, unsatisfied at worst – thankful at the most. Alith luckily broke that cycle having met his current girlfriend, while he had lost confidence in finding ‘the one’. Life is funny that way. Journey might never end. But let’s enjoy each-other’s company, when it here and now.

Shuhandz – Spend Time (feat. Josh Rubin & High Flown)

With Dirty Vegas-like vibes, SHUHANDZ brings a charmingly produced EDM/house blend with that indie feel that takes on a form of its own, in single ‘Spend Time’. Featuring Josh Rubin & High Flown, the final result is a low-fi EDM offering. “‘Spend Time’ reflects on the moment when you find yourself in a low, familiar place after a relationship ends that many of us have experienced before. The haunting lyrics suggest the artist knows they deserve better, but isn’t confident enough in themselves to let go. Josh’s vocals compliment the negative space and minimal production in a way that tastefully sets a tone with the listener and introduces new elements in an unexpected way.” SHUHANDZ debuted with his EP ‘Apex’ in 2018, and shared stages with the likes of Tchami, Hayden James , Alison Wonderland, Wax Motif, and Rufus Du Sol.


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