Sc Mira – Mexico

Sc Mira’s Mexico is a testament to the glory of suppositions, wants, needs, desires, imaginations – searching for a definition, within self and ultimate destination in this lifetime. Don’t let the photos of life let you stay in stagnation. There is more out there to touch, feel, kick-around.


Sc Mira’s a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canadian band, and they’re one of those bands we’re digging, but perplexed (in a good way).

They are an amalgamation of rock, 90’s alt-rock, current alt-rock, and pop-rock – all rolled up in a symphonic and narrative musical institution. It’s a good thing. It’s a mixture that just settles well in one’s guts.

And at some points, it feels like one is transported and in a broadway musical or an expansive come-to-age movie extravaganza.

Weird huh?

It’s just us, probably.

Anywho, Mexico, is a fab example of that, with it presenting ‘a thought’. What if, what if… The song is the third single off of their new EP, ‘Keep Crawling’, and it’s simple, but direct.

And we like that.

Let’s travel that path. Maybe? Or not.

It’s up to you.

They’re rep’ed by Sugar Gator Records, Pipe And Hat Music Group, and Ferryhouse Productions.

“It’s been a wild ride for this young band”, the band states.

We think the ride will continue for a long time.

Kudos, gang at Sc Mira. Kudos.


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