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Scarlet Drive – I Just Think That You’re Cute

Perth Australia based band SCARLET DRIVE makes it easy to like them. Their music is light, airy, non-pretentious, and wholesomely full of entertainment. And another example of their post-punk, funk, reggae rock-pop offering ‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’, they relegate relationships or at least the start of one, to its vital essences. Every love starts with a spark, and that spark initiates within both parties, where that connection blooms into something so very special. SCARLET DRIVE makes things more special when their songs are heard. Upbeat, and innocent, ‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’ is a declaration of what we human being go through, every time spring-love comes our way. Michael Millimaci, Michael Madafferi, Maddey Eccleston, and Amber Baldock make up this radical project, and we think you shouldn’t miss out.

micki maverick – HE/ART

“HE/ART is really a complete look into my life, my past, and my insecurities,” said MICKI MAVERICK. “Society expects perfection, but that standard is completely unattainable. Not everything in life can be fixed, some things remain broken. And that’s what I believe should be the new standard: broken pieces that form something new, something more beautiful.” The 22 year old from Los Angeles is a pop artist with the sense of urgency in her heart. She doesn’t want to miss anything of this life that she has been afforded. You feel it in her alt-vibe in ‘HE/ART’, as the pangs of love and pseudo-love shades into each other, as the protagonist protects herself from the confusion and ridiculousness of it all – of her past, of her present, of her future. The talented artist knows what she wants. We can’t wait to hear more. Look for her EP to drop in July.

Loneborn – Silence

Raul Garcia, jingle-writer/indie rock producer, reacquaints with Jonathan Tuckler, a percussionist & graphic designer. That is how LONEBORN was, well, born. The two decided on jammin’ over beers. Jonathan hummed some melodies. So impressed with the progress, Raul suggested they hit the studio to record. LONEBORN stated: “This song was a result of us pushing our own admittedly straight-forward style into some slightly more sporadic territory. The idea here was to catch first-time listeners off-guard and keep them coming back for the hooky chorus.” The off the cuff, but none the less very serious artists have it all together in this project. Succinct, boppy, pop, rock offerings make it nice and dancey, with the right amount of ire for life and equal acceptance for it. Let’s see their follow up EP that is slated to drop in July. Should be fun.

Simeon Hammond Dallas – Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Singer-songwriter SIMEON HAMMOND DALLAS is from London’s Camden Town. The bluesy folk-country vibe oozes out of the words Simeon has constructed. Emotive, provocative in its innocence – the single ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ is driving by the artist’s “overactive mind and a desire to live a life like a travel montage from a rom-com provide the inspiration for her music; a folky bluesy country-soul amalgamation.” A traveling dynamo, in her music and her story telling, Simeon’s powerfully presented nuance, is clearly felt and communicated. Her punchy vibe, is cemented in the convictions of her heart. A conviction for what and where she wants to go. At her choruses, her substantive and relevant gifts take us on a Cat Stevens like romp, but with the kind of modern pop aesthetic that gathers your senses and caresses. We think she’ll be digging deep within herself, as she expands further in her career.

Mary Moore – Map My Body

Folk-pop artist MARY MOORE sings with passion and delight, as her words float like flock of birds, ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Off of her upcoming debut EP ‘Rooted Heart’ (July 26th), ‘Map My Body’ is a dancey ol’ country folk extravaganza that never relents on the groove and drums. As the sky turns into night, Mary fills it with additional lights of thought provoking sentiments, vital to our inner most habits. The fairy like shimmer is painted all around this single. Mary stated: “The song is filled with imagery of beautiful, wild landscapes, and Mary’s vocals will soothe and excite you at the same time.” Indeed. The UVA graduate has come a long way in her dreams, and the road to that end, continues with a lion like roar.


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