Scarlet ‘Locked In This City’ : Ensemble of resolute substance, dangles with vocal energy and ‘never-give-up’ anthemic grit.


Buzzing undercurrents simmer in the project, Scarlet, which delivers with propriety and gumption, when you never thought it would. A rockin’ ensemble of resolute substance, dangles with vocal energy and ‘never-give-up’ anthemic grit.

Don’t let this artist’s sweet exterior fool you. There’s more ‘life lessons’ in the emotive riot that lives and bubbles just under the surface.

Said Lois: “This song is written about the isolation and loneliness felt living in a city. It is loosely based around the current lockdown situation however parts of it were written before lockdown. It’s also about trying to overcome the anxiety that the lockdown has caused, about wanting a fresh start, wiping the slate clean and paving the way for something better than before.

Scarlet is an alternative rock solo artist and she pours her heart and soul into her music. Originally from the Scottish Highlands, currently studying music in London, Scarlet’s manic baritone, provides a pallet of enormity – successfully inviting expectations and excellence.


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