Scarlet Pleasure ‘SOS’ : Summer without the boys?? Heck no.

Scarlet Pleasure

Danish trio Scarlet Pleasure brings summer a bit earlier in this Covid19-world with lead single ‘SOS’. Written, recorded and produced in the middle of the Bali jungle, ‘SOS’ is pure pop with subculture influences of warm r&b flavors, catchy reggae riffs and pulsing pop textures, rounded out with a stimulating chorus. The reggae & soulful vibes make this the perfect song to chill out with cocktail in hand. You can hear their influences of 90s artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana blended with the soulfulness of Frank Ocean and the left leaning pop style of Billie Eilish.

With a subtle touch of the Charles Aznavour classic, ‘La Boheme’ and the irresistible youthful Scarlet Pleasure sound, ‘SOS’ is the perfect fruity Spring-cocktail – straight out of the jungle and here to add color and flavor to a World in self-isolation.

Since their 2014 debut the Copenhagen based trio Scarlet Pleasure has created a unique position for themselves on the Danish music scene. The band has gained more than 200 million streams on Spotify, played the biggest stages on the biggest festivals, sold out several of their own headliner tours as well as influencing several fashion trends among the Danish youth.

New album, ‘Garden’, drops June 19th.


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