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Scene Writers – Favorit Stranger

‘Turning a petty moment, into something maybe extraordinary’ – a sentiment that is of SCENE WRITERS’ single ‘Favorit Stranger’. Innocence and passion comes through when a conversation turns into the best that you’d had that day. Interest sparks. Curiosity expands. You want to know her/him more. “I want to know more.” History is made in a moment. Maybe yours was made in that sliver of time.

Marshall – Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Friends

‘Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Friends’ is part of the solo debut album effort, ‘Layers’. MARSHALL’s visions from the impressions of Los Angeles shine through within the album. California outlook. Personal griefs. Victories in new friendships and relationships. A look deep inside one’s soul, adjusting and reprising, circumstances of circumspect – collides head on with doubts, fears, trepidations, and knowing that the future might be here and now.

Kid Hastings – Mid July

Temperamental – but never. KID HASTINGS’ single ‘Mid July’ keeps the emotions at bottle’s length, stronger as the night of partying extends – up until she finally looks at you with her hazel eyes. Funky, r&b basics keep the multi-instrumentals to the side of caution, until it’s not. The moment is now. She’s here. You’re here. There’s nothing preventing you from being together. She’s committed to that. And you know this, without her saying anything at all. It’s up to you to break this cycle of silence. Soulful, and intrinsic, KID HASTINGS’ brings the heavy, in this dramatically lyrical summation for the idol of love. He wants us to act.

Vandetta – Hold It Down

VANDETTA’s r&b/modern soul vibes in ‘Hold It Down’ is dripping and calls up to bat the vibrance of the kind of pop that is of another world. The song is about a partner who can be there for you, always, through the worst of times. Bound by love. Rooted in honesty and commitment. Singapore based VANDETTA’s soul is of the best tradition and exudes confidence that is delicious to the musical touch.

Sleeptalk – Feeling You

‘Feeling You’ is the 2nd single off of their ‘Desert Daze’ EP (available now). Young? Check. Effervescent? Check. Brave? Check. Up for the challenge of life? Triple check. ‘Feeling You’ is the vibe you have when in love, young, and in the moment of the pending future. The steps to the adulthood that stands in your way, can be staved up, as much we you’d like. As long as there are two who are mad..with love and affection. There’s nothing that can stop you.


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