School of X ‘Forgot Me on the Moon’ : Much anticipated and already garnering much love.

School of X / Photo: Fryd Frydendahl

School of X’s upcoming debut album ‘Armlock’ – much anticipated and already garnering much love – will be released on May 29th.

‘Forgot Me on the Moon’ opens with a dark synth, briefly invoking a sombre guise. However, the illusion of melancholy is soon shattered by the strum of Rasmus Littauer’s bright, 80’s-pop-anthem-like acoustic guitar.

“I didn’t lose you baby. You forgot me on the moon… Nothing bores me more than you do”.

The music video for ‘Forgot Me on the Moon’ was created by Rasmus Littauer himself, on his balcony during lockdown. His footage is mixed with stock footage from the early space expeditions, where the dynamics between earth and space symbolize the realizations.

After nearly a decade of accompanying MØ on drums and releasing his own music under his epithet School of X, it is a long awaited debut. And in harmony with the theme of ‘Forgot Me on the Moon’.

Once we’d said of School of X: “Lets take a stroll in that beautiful Monet-like painting, unsharpened, but edges clear. Sunny day with paisley sky perspirations, dwindling our thoughts to a paragraph or two.”

Certainly sums up the goodness that is School of X.


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