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Frederik Valentin

School of X – I’ll Never Be Ready To Die

Copenhagen based musician/songwriter Rasmus Littauer is project, SCHOOL OF X. Said Rasmus: ““This song is written on an airplane when flying across China. It marks how ideas arise suddenly and how they can be triggered in a sensitive moment. It was a feeling of articulating something unknown in a natural and intuitive way. It’s about feeling love instinctively and intensely but as the title suggests, also in an unresolved way.” The name of SCHOOL OF X is borrowed from Eksskole a Copenhagen anti-establishment art school from the 1960s. Talented and visionary, this alt-pop prince is set to set the world of his thoughts, ablaze. With support from his new label, Tambourhinoceros, we can’t wait to find out more of the goodness center of this exciting artist.

Queens & Kings – You Got Me

Comprised of Alissa Klug (drums / voice) and Brendan Albert (guitar / voice), the duo is heck of a one-two in this QUEENS & KINGS project. And in it, they chew your notions and spit it out like it’s nothing. You have to do better then that! Alissa’s vocals are just like velcro and is distinct to the core. It’s an aggression of suppositions, suggestions, and impending goading of your little self deep inside. But Q&K are not here to troll you. Their music is enthralling and exists to get you hyped about life. They want you to join them. The garage/alt-rock, punk band from Toronto does is with style and gumption. ‘You Got Me’ is like a good cup of deep, dark coffee in a cold and brisk morning in the Arizona desert: invigorating. Look for their upcoming EP son.

Lecx Stacy -Beaded

Twenty one year old LECX STACY slathers your consciousness in draped angora with his single ‘Beaded’. Off of the upcoming Ep ‘Face Plants’, the song is a ‘dedication’ to his latest love of his life, with a twist of lemon and chaser. Life is like a box of chocolates, but it does often come with that unwelcome but due bumps in the road. And that’s what Lecx writs about and does it with shimmering gander for what’s ahead. He’s a multifaceted songwriter, producer, and visual artist, originating from San Diego, and he’s here to offer you cards of hope and dreams, while letting you know what reality will do to you. Introspection is his game – and dang it – he does it well. So, let’s receive Lecx’ beats into our musical hearts, shall we?

Yergurl – Girls Like Me

Growing up in the rural Victorian town of Bendigo, yergurl (Fae Scott) is a project of unlimited potentials. Co-produced with Kllo’s Simon Lam, yergurl’s single ‘Girls Like Me’ is an impending portrait of a girl, a guy, a lesson, and the flickering doubts that can shimmer in such young love vibes. Fae said: “This track is basically about an ex that dates the same kind of girl, blonde & slim, over and over again. Constantly trying to recreate the same type of relationship but knowing he will never find someone comparable to me.” Jealousy? Empathy? Altruism? Or just scorn? Included in the upcoming debut EP ‘Love Bite’ (September 13th), ‘Girls Like Me’ comes to us as a beacon of self reflection, curiosity, and restitution in all for the circumstances that could have led somewhere else. But it didn’t. Now he’s over there. With another. It’s a real look into something that we all can relate to. An unconscionable and subconscious slip, that drives us mad and secures our place as just human animals doing its best to get by.


‘Haunted’ is what WINSTON ViSTA does. And does so well. We’d said: “WINSTON VISTA is the netherworld, underpinned by the other dimensional. ‘Somewhere Else’ is that cat calling vibe that whistles to the summation of a Universe within. A trudging, and whimsical seriousness that is destined, but never willed, the song is an anomaly without form, but with angular note castrations.” We weren’t wrong then. And we aren’t being wrong, now. The psychedelic dream-pop is non-bedroom, but of the bedroom-mind of our inner secrets – wanting to escape. A bitter pill of expectations, weigh us down. ‘Haunted is one of his EP that describes the muted colors of the palette, extinguishing and pushing delicious agendas. You’re lost in WV’s song – in a good way.


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