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School of X – Get Higher

School of X’s Get Higher is an electronic slow dance, mesmerizing and thorough. Come up with a finer description, one might, but it’s a common factor that we’ll all dig this part of the musical cleansing.

The song is for sure more electronica than an indie-pop production, but we’re quite captivated by the output result School of X presents. It’s chlorine clean, but without the residue odor. It’s up-lifting, without the over-acting. It’s fine and delicate, with no more than chord progressions that inspire a cell or two in the brain.

Lets take a stroll in that beautiful Monet-like painting, unsharpened, but edges clear. Sunny day with paisley sky perspirations, dwindling our thoughts to a paragraph or two. However, trite and undeservedly terse, the equation’s end exponent dilly dally’s its fruit for us to enjoy.

It’s a come over now, finger exercise – which we should obey.

Lets roll. Lets meet School of X.

We dig lots.



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