Schwarze Fiktion ‘Miami (2020)’ : Alternative modern reality through anti-static love stories.

Schwarze Fiktion

Schwarze Fiktion offers the driven and forward looking second single ‘Miami’. Danish duo Schwarze Fiktion explores an alternative modern reality through anti-static love stories.

Since 2018 Schwarze Fiktion has roamed the Danish underground scene with results such as warming up for The Minds Of 99 and being played on established radio stations P3 and P6 Beat. With concerts at Smukfest, SPOT Festival, and Uhørt Festival Schwarze Fiktion now stands ready with strong live experience before the release of their first single “Cool Bikini Cool” on March 20th, 2020.

“On “Miami” we browse the light and easy-going side of ‘The Black Fiction’,” said Bo Skjelmose. “We explore romantic relationships through a momentary depiction of to lovers’ journey through the big city night in a cinematic story of falling in love as a time- and ageless state. ‘Miami’ is a picture of the intense infatuation, that hits us all, and works like a hope and a refuge in Schwarze Fiktion’s depiction of man’s fading role in a distanced high-technological near future. A movement towards ‘The Machine’ that wins more and more terrain.”

Added Søren Raaschou: “The aim is to depict a modern reality that is accessible for all and the creation of the immediate sensory experience. With the music’s retrospective 80’s vibe mixed with futuristic and contemporary sounds, we try to create a fresh and relevant sound that is inspired by movements within music such as trip-hop, pop, electronica, and techno.”

Wish we all can be free as ‘Miami’. Well you can. Do so, before it’s too late.


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