Science Babble – Movie History

“What the Fu*k.” That’s what we said when we first listened to Science Babble’s Movie History. Those words in the American English tradition (and in this site’s reviewing context) states that (1) there might be something wrong with the band, (2) there might be a reason no apparent to us yet, and (3) maybe there is something more deep and poetic about the song.

We’ll go with #3.


Why, indeed.

Well could be that we at CHF wants to be charitable, be humane, and more empathetic to SB’s efforts.

Or could it be that we wanted to soften the blow – the fact that maybe the song isn’t up to snuff.

But then…

As we examined the song more and more, it became more ‘entertaining’.

It’s a musical form of a ‘click-bait’.

We listened. Then we were offended that we got tricked. Then we read it – it’s intentions or unintended consequences.

The song is good.

Dang good.

Isolated, it needs some anchors (for most listeners, we reckon), but for CHF, we’re ‘buying’.

The combination of 80’s hip-hop riffs, and semi-rap traumatic lyrics, the song just grows and grows on you. It’s funny. It’s tragic. But for sure, it is a Pollack-like mess of a song, but very much ‘relatable’.

Well, ‘relatable’ if you’re into these kinds of things.

The song is that Honda Civic – very tame looking and pedestrian. However, the sum of the attitude, the ‘I don’t give a hoot’, and sheer ‘scale’ of the experiment made us listen.

Then that Honda Civic, blew past that souped up Mustang.

It’s a keeper.

Why the Fu*k Not, right?


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